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Apolla Shocks® are a new and revolutionary brand of training footwear.

  • they are as comfortable as a sock but have the grip of a shoe

  • they support to the arch of the foot and provide ankle stability

  • they have graduated compression that hugs the foot and helps to maintain good circulation

Wearing Apolla Shocks will be the best decision of your dancing life.

With 6 different styles and 4 different colours - there is a perfect Shock for everybody!

Whilst they were principally developed to offer support to those training in the dance world the gentle support they provide to the foot and ankle will enhance and benefit the training life of any athlete. They have also provided remarkable support for anyone who spend a large part of their working day on their feet, and relief to those who suffer from tired feet after a full day's work. 

The sports world in general has welcomed development and realised that innovations in sport science technology are imperative to improving training out-put and lowering the risk of injury, thereby gaining healthier athletes with increased longevity in their sport. For decades dancers have worn the traditionally simple canvas ballet shoe and many dancers will train, day in and day out barefoot, completely unsupported. Technology has passed them by and dancers have always understood and more worryingly been conditioned to embrace the 'no pain, no gain'  mantra.

But FINALLY Apolla Shocks® are here!

Apolla Performance Wear is a USA company that has created and developed this revolutionary footwear for dancers and all of their products are manufactured and produced in the USA. The Shocks provide much-needed arch support, ankle stability and energy absorption to protect the body in action. Their solution incorporates a gentle targeted compression and shock absorption to provide dancers and athletes a foundation of support, reducing the risk of inflammation, decrease joint shock, and increase stability. Finally, performance footwear utilizing sport science technology has arrived!

EL PIE ACTIVO is delighted to share the knowledge and increase global awareness of this remarkable product and would encourage ALL dancers and athletes to experience the benefit and support that The Shocks offer our 'active feet'.

Athletes are extra-ordinary people, they ask their bodies to do extra-ordinary things and to achieve their best physical out-come they deserve all the support and advancements in technology that they can access as they reach for their personal goals! 



Si necesitas ayuda en decidir qué Shocks son mejores para tus necesidades, no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros.
If you need help deciding which Shocks are best for your needs, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


Reach new heights

with Apolla Shocks®
... and be stronger for longer!